Delight Your Guests with These Holiday Cooking Magazines

You're planning the ultimate holiday party and intend to blow your guests away with an enticing meal. Your usual recipes just won't cut it - you need something extra special to stand out amid a sea of celebratory dishes. There's plenty of inspiration to be found online, but how will you know if a particular recipe will actually please your guests?

Instead of taking your chances on digital recipes with questionable origins, why not try thoroughly vetted options that excite culinary experts? These don't need to feel intimidating; equipped with step-by-step instructions, you can ace the best recipes and serve a spectacular meal.

The best cooking magazines will help you choose the most crowd-pleasing dishes for your party - and these resources will help you prepare them perfectly. Look to these favorites for inspiration:


If you typically search for cooking ideas online, you should be familiar with Allrecipes. This vast community provides plenty of ideas that appeal to novices and experts.

The best options from Allrecipes' online catalog are reviewed and compiled into an excellent cooking magazine. Annual holiday editions are packed with relevant recipes you'll be excited to try out as you prepare for your big party. Before you know it, these well-loved recipes will be a crucial part of your annual holiday lineup

Cooking Light

If you're hosting health-oriented guests, you'll want to page through the latest issue of Cooking Light for ideas. This magazine proves that it's possible to indulge while still packing your diet with lots of produce. Featured recipes emphasize easy-to-find ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions, making a healthy diet as accessible as possible - even during the holiday season.

By following recipes from Cooking Light, you just might encourage guests to adopt healthier habits. This alone makes these dishes worth a try. Even if you don't serve them at your next party, you'll quickly find that these selections make you feel a lot healthier on a day-to-day basis. They may even offset some of your more significant holiday indulgences.

Food Network

If you get most of your cooking inspiration from the Food Network, you may be reluctant to switch to the written word. If anything can change your approach, it's the channel's official magazine, which provides in-depth coverage from the TV cooking geniuses you've come to love.

Dozens of recipes can be found in each holiday issue, loaded with intriguing options for appetizers, sides, and desserts. Many of these will feel familiar enough to deliver a strong dose of nostalgia, but plenty of cutting-edge options are also available.

The Pioneer Woman

Another favorite for Food Network fans, this magazine draws on the wisdom of the popular cooking show host Ree Drummond. She strongly advocates for the country lifestyle, which is thoroughly celebrated in her Pioneer Woman cookbooks and magazines.

This is an excellent option for those who struggle to commit to monthly magazines, as it's only released quarterly. The annual winter edition has plenty of festive recipes and heartwarming stories in time for the holiday season.

Taste of Home

Another favorite source of inspiration during the holidays, Taste of Home offers plenty of lovely options from dedicated home cooks who understand that, in many cases, easy preparation is just as important as the end result. The recipes featured in this publication are thoroughly tested by the experts, giving you much-needed peace of mind.

Stunning photos will have you drooling every time you page through this holiday cooking magazine. It's always clear that the decorative aspects of these kitchen creations are just as important as the taste, but you'll learn to master both essentials.

Southern Living

While every region brings its unique flair to holiday cooking, few recipes are as comforting as the butter-laden favorites that dominate down south. These are plentiful within the pages of the Southern Living Christmas issue.

While this isn't exclusively dedicated to cooking, there are still plenty of culinary features worth trying. This comprehensive guide also delivers all the decorating insight you need. After a quick read, you'll be ready to throw a southern holiday bash that looks as amazing as your culinary offerings taste.

Cook's Country

Yet another celebration of the South, Cook's Country is the official magazine of the TV show America's Test Kitchen. As with the show, the magazine version strives to make recipes enticing and accessible to everyday cooks.

While many of the recipes featured in this magazine hold classic appeal, there are also innovative details that make standard dishes feel fresh. How-to features offer detailed instructions on basic and advanced kitchen skills, many of which will prove helpful long after the holidays have come and gone.

Cuisine at Home

Home cooking can be just as inventive and inspiring as the creative dishes you find in top restaurants. This is evident in each issue of Cuisine At Home. How-to features show you how to master key cooking techniques. These, in turn, allow you to elevate your holiday recipes and impress your guests.

A versatile array of recipes cover the full gamut of seasonal cooking, with soups, roasts, breakfast, cookies, and even cocktails explained in detail.

Better Homes & Gardens

An all-around favorite for lifestyle content, Better Homes & Gardens provides all the inspiration you need with both its standard issues and special editions. Top features often center around the party-planning process, with an emphasis on impressing guests while keeping your stress to a minimum.

In addition to excellent recipes, there are plenty of tips on simplifying meal prep and maximizing space. Exclusive holiday issues provide even more ideas, typically focusing on cookies, crafts, or general holiday cheer.

Whether you plan on serving Christmas classics or getting adventurous with gourmet dishes, you'll be glad to have a wealth of resources available as you prepare to throw an amazing holiday party. Buy a few issues for targeted insight, or subscribe to several publications to get year-round advice.