Improve Your Gardening With These Magazines

Do you have a green thumb? Or would you like to develop one? Not everyone is born a natural at gardening, but anybody can improve with help from the right resources. A little reading can make a difference while also keeping you entertained when you're cooped up inside on cold or rainy days.

A variety of gardening magazines inspire all types of readers, including both novices and experts. From vibrant garden images to step-by-step guides that break down the most complicated processes, these resources can always be counted on to make gardening accessible to all.

With so many excellent gardening and garden design magazines currently available, it can be difficult to know where to start. It helps to get a sense of the vast selection of publications and the many ways in which they're targeted at specific types of readers. As such, we've highlighted the best garden magazine subscriptions worth adding to your collection:

Garden Gate

An essential read for anyone who wants to master the art and science of gardening, this publication offers helpful details on the most effective techniques and annotated photographs to assist with plant identification.

Whether your main goals involve a bumper veggie harvest, attracting butterflies, or boosting the value of your home with a lovely landscape, you can count on Garden Gate to give the targeted advice you need.

Fine Gardening

Master gardeners share their most effective tips and tricks within the pages of this must-read magazine. Spotlights on specific types of plants give you insight into the varieties you may or may not want to add to your garden. You'll also find plenty of details about plants that are suited to specific growing zones.

Simply paging through this gardener magazine is a joy, as the beauty will deeply move you on display within each photograph. After a few minutes of browsing, you'll be freshly inspired to capture the same aesthetic appeal within your garden.


If you're an avid gardener searching for high-level advice from experts, look no further than Horticulture. Meant for those who are uniquely passionate about their green thumbs, this gardening publication dives into details about climate and weather concerns, pest control, soil health, and more.

Many types of gardeners can benefit from reading this magazine, including those who primarily use public gardens and readers who enjoy growing shrubs and trees. Every issue includes extensive technical details to help readers understand exactly how gardens work and what makes specific types of plants thrive.

The English Garden

Create an idyllic outdoor environment with help from The English Garden, which will introduce you to one of the most fascinating gardening niches. This targeted gardening magazine shows North American readers how to create spaces that look as wonderfully manicured and cozy as the best English gardens.

No matter the state of your current garden, you'll find actionable advice that helps you achieve the pristine look of the outdoor spaces featured in this magazine. If nothing else, The English Garden will give you the sense of a magazine-based vacation, providing a much-needed break from the stresses of your everyday life.

Better Homes & Gardens

This iconic publication is a mainstay in many gardeners' magazine collections. In addition to gardening advice, it offers excellent suggestions for improving the appearance and comfort of your home's interior.

Along the way, you'll discover top ways to bring the best of your favorite garden environment inside, so you can spend even more time in spaces that feel like personal sanctuaries. Crafting advice abounds, as do helpful hints for creating delicious meals to enjoy after a productive gardening session.


Another great option for learning about decorating both inside your home and in the great outdoors, Flower provides a wealth of DIY resources. This luxury lifestyle magazine appeals greatly to anyone who enjoys incorporating the finer things into their home aesthetics while also drawing inspiration from high fashion, art, and travel. Many features provide tips on growing specific types of flowers, although advice on arranging these flowers is similarly appreciated.

Within the magazine's many travel pieces, you'll find inspiration near and far for your garden at home and your flower-themed vacation itinerary. Similarly, pieces on entertaining will show you how to bring the best elements of your gardening lifestyle into your social life.

The New Pioneer

The majority of the publications featured in this list of the best gardening magazines demonstrate how you can achieve your full aesthetic potential. Still, it's important to remember the many practical purposes that gardening serves.

This is the focus of The New Pioneer, which shows how a variety of readers can grow their own fruits and vegetables. In addition to learning how to score a bountiful harvest, you'll find advice on implementing eco-friendly energy practices and even raising livestock.

Birds & Blooms

If you adore gardening and birdwatching, you are the perfect candidate for a subscription to Birds & Blooms. This unique gardening resource reveals how your favorite flowers can attract beautiful birds to your backyard.

You'll love the wealth of reader-submitted content included in each issue, such as anecdotes about bird sightings or gardening projects. These will help you feel like you're an integral part of the larger gardening and birding community.

Gardening is more than a casual hobby - it's a way of life. Add beauty to each day with help from garden magazine subscriptions, which bring a constant flow of inspiration to your mailbox. You'll always be excited to browse the beautiful pages of your favorite gardener magazines.