Magazine Subscriptions to Get Dad on Father's Day

The dads in your life work hard to make their loved ones happy. They deserve recognition for all this effort - and while there's something to be said for showing appreciation on a year-round basis, Father's Day encourages you to up the ante. This is your chance to show that you're grateful for everything they do.

The typical Father's Day celebration or gift can certainly make dads happy. From BBQs to fancy watches or golf clubs, there are plenty of options that are guaranteed to bring a smile to any dad's face. However, if you want the positive vibes to continue long after Father's Day is over, only one gift will do: a magazine subscription for dad. Better yet, subscribe to several popular men's magazines.

No one magazine will satisfy all fathers, but certain themes tend to dominate. The best magazines for dads provide some form of escape, no matter how temporary. After all, busy fathers sometimes need a mental break from all the work they complete daily. Whether they're reading the best fashion magazines for men or delving into topics such as fishing or travel, these publications give dads the chance to recharge.

Not sure where to start? Among the publications mentioned below, you should easily find at least one that appeals to the dad in your life:

Men's Health

Dads do their best to stay in peak shape for the sake of their kids, but maintaining motivation can be tough given the allure of junk food and TV. The right magazine can provide a valuable boost, enabling fathers to give themselves the gift of good health. This particular publication is widely regarded as one of the best men's fitness magazines, so it's a natural fit for your favorite dad. Ideas for quick workouts, easy recipes, and mental health exercises all appeal to dads on the go.


The cool factor doesn't need to immediately disappear as soon as a guy becomes a dad. Suave, sophisticated fathers have existed for generations - and these ideals remain within reach. Esquire proves as much with its cutting-edge cultural insights. From style forecasts to grooming advice and even restaurant suggestions, this is the ultimate publication for dads who want to remember who they were before having kids ? and bring a bit of that personality back to dad life.

TV Guide Magazine

Sometimes, busy dads want nothing more than to veg out by the TV in peace. Many find that this provides the best source of escapism when they need alone time. However, it can also be a wonderfully social activity with families gathering to view and discuss the most entertaining shows.

No matter your favorite dad's preferred approach to TV-watching, this daily activity takes a step up with help from TV Guide Magazine. Each issue is packed with insightful interviews and other intriguing content. Reviews are also provided, making it easier for overscheduled dads to prioritize the shows they'll find most enjoyable.

Sports Illustrated

If the dad in your life intends to satisfy all the stereotypes of the sports-obsessed father, there's no better publication to encourage this fascination than Sports Illustrated. A perennial favorite among sports fans of all ages, this entertaining magazine gives dads all the insider info they need to complete their fantasy draft. In addition to covering the big four sports, the magazine also delivers exceptional coverage of other activities such as golf and tennis.

Family Handyman

Dads who love completing projects around the house will appreciate all the targeted advice they find within the pages of Family Handyman. This magazine is all about the DIY way of life, which is an approach many modern fathers love to take.

There's something truly satisfying about completing a project, particularly when targeted advice makes the process a cinch. Watch out though - with so many gear and equipment reviews in this magazine, recipients might start to make hints for future gifts.

Rolling Stone

Music-loving dads will love reading about the hottest bands, concerts, and albums in the iconic magazine Rolling Stone. Known for publishing the most shocking and intriguing interviews, this must-read publication offers the in-depth cultural coverage that guys of all ages crave. This is one of the best methods for keeping in the know about today's cultural icons, even while juggling the busy lifestyle of a modern dad.

This Father's Day, let your dad, partner, or other father figure know he matters. Subscriptions for dad let important guys continue to celebrate long after those Father's Day BBQs or golf games have ended. Choose a publication that feels true to the dads you love most - they will be excited to start reading right away.