Must-Read Magazines for Ultimate DIY Lover

Nothing satisfies quite like completing an ambitious do-it-yourself project. From crafts to home improvements and even gardening initiatives, there's a lot you can do all on your own – provided you have a little guidance from the experts.

That's where the best DIY magazines come into play. Chock full of advice and inspiration, these publications have all the insight you need as you embark on your next big project. Many even prominently feature before and after images, so you know exactly what you can accomplish if you put your mind to it.

Excellent craft and home project magazines abound, but we're especially fond of the following titles:

Do It Yourself

This magazine's name makes its purpose abundantly clear: Learn how to accomplish big things all on your own! As a top offering from the Better Homes & Gardens brand, this magazine boasts fun and accessible DIY projects for passionate gardeners and home renovators.

Regardless of your experience or ambitions, you can find plenty of projects in Do It Yourself magazine to help you achieve your vision of the perfect landscape or interior design.

Featured projects range in scope from small accents to complete makeovers that span entire rooms. And you'll never have an issue finding recommendations for tools, organization systems, and accessories. Step-by-step instructions make every project seem within reach, as do vibrant photos that show what you can expect when you're finished.

Family Handyman

If you need a comprehensive resource that tackles the wide array of concerns you face around your home, you can't go wrong with Family Handyman. Yes, many of the DIY projects featured in this publication are purely for fun, but you'll also find guidance on a variety of necessary fixes or updates that you've been neglecting to tackle.

The insight and inspiration you find in this home DIY magazine will help you get a head start on the most important projects. Once you've got these essentials out of the way, you'll find that creative opportunities from the other magazines on this list are even more enjoyable.

HGTV Magazine

Modeled after the iconic TV channel, this magazine captures everything you love about your favorite shows. It turns out you don't need to watch TV to get addicted to DIY stories! You'll find plenty of examples of successful projects within the pages of this magazine, not to mention pictures to get those creative juices flowing.

Your favorite HGTV stars play a central role in each issue, so you can always count on seeing insider information on today's hottest DIY trends and opportunities. You'll also get specific product recommendations, so you don't need to waste valuable time hunting down specific items.

This Old House

This Old House has long been one of the most trusted home improvement brands, so it should be no surprise that its namesake magazine is highly regarded. Loaded with in-depth advice from today's top professionals, this do-it-yourself magazine shows you how to ace a variety of projects.

In addition to providing detailed how-to guides, This Old House also touches on how you can find the right materials and techniques to keep each DIY initiative under budget. Many of the projects featured in this magazine are targeted at people fixing up older or smaller homes, but there is diverse content in each issue to keep every DIYer happy.

The Cottage Journey

You love the whimsical, cottagecore aesthetic – but you're unsure how to bring this magical style into your home. Look to The Cottage Journey to capture the best of today's coziest and most playful designs.

Containing a variety of how-to features in each issue and guidance for projects you might otherwise feel too intimidated to take on, you'll learn how to cultivate a space that shows off the best of your unique personality.

A little inspiration can go a long way as you take on ambitious DIY projects. The more "do it yourself" magazines you read, the better you'll understand all that goes into the biggest household transformations.

This is your time to shine – all you need is some encouragement from today's best DIY home magazines. Subscribe to several and get ready for the ultimate home makeover.