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Top 10 Music Magazines in 2022

There's no denying that the music industry is fast-paced. No matter which styles or artists you find inspiring, keeping up with the trends can be a struggle. Social media helps but often fails to provide the in-depth coverage you desire.

A better solution? Magazines about music. Designed for musicians, lyricists, producers, and other music professionals, these magazines are also enjoyable for everyday music lovers.

Written coverage of the music world abounds. Narrowing down all these options can be difficult. When in doubt, add these music magazine subscriptions to your list:

1. Rolling Stone

Few music magazines are as well-known as Rolling Stone. This important publication has produced some of history's most iconic cover images and the most memorable interviews. It's also packed with album reviews and insider information. If you only subscribe to one of the rock music magazines on this list, Rolling Stone should be your go-to publication.

2. Billboard

Billboard's renowned charts have long provided cutting-edge insights into what the public wants to hear. It should come as no surprise that this trend-oriented approach carries over to Billboard's magazine. As one of the music industry's top resources, this publication delves into chart placements and promising details about up-and-coming musicians or genres.

3. Rock Sound

Many of today's most noteworthy bands and musicians were featured in Rock Sound before they hit it big. The magazine continues to uncover upcoming trends in a constantly changing corner of the music world. Featuring content on everything from metal to punk, this magazine appeals greatly to rock music lovers with diverse tastes – and a willingness to discover new sounds.

4. Revolver

No metalhead should go without a subscription to Revolver. As today's top resource for all things metal, this important publication provides targeted coverage of an often-underestimated genre. The magazine conveys a deep respect for the history of metal and a desire to continue the genre's spirit of innovation.

5. Relix

The live music scene is thriving, but keeping up to date can be challenging. That's where Relix Magazine comes into play. While it began as a fan zine for those who adored the Grateful Dead, it has since expanded to cover all kinds of artists, plus the festivals and venues at which they perform. This publication is unique among music and musicians magazines in that each issue comes with a compilation CD.

6. Electronic Musician

Electronic Musician is dedicated to the art and science of creating music via MIDI, synthesizers, and keyboards. It gives talented readers the knowledge and inspiration they need to improve their sounds both onstage and in the studio. Important topics such as frequency modulation synthesis and digital audio workstations are examined in detail to provide maximum insight within each issue.

7. Stereophile

Hardcore audiophiles will definitely want to check out this magazine, which focuses on the high-end audio components that can take listening to a whole new level. Packed with technical measurements and in-depth reviews, this music magazine is a must-read before investing in stereo equipment. If you're not yet committed to the idea of high-end audio, you will be convinced once you've paged through this acclaimed magazine.

8. Acoustic Guitar

Whether you're new to playing the guitar or have been performing for years, you'll find a lot to love about this guitarist magazine subscription. As the ultimate authority on one of the most beloved instruments, Acoustic Guitar offers a wealth of inspiration and advice.

Talented guitarists are regularly interviewed for cover stories, although many readers find the recommendations for new gear just as valuable. Perhaps the most unique feature? The "songs to play" section, which highlights the tunes you won't want to miss out on as you master this instrument.

9. Ukulele

Another instrument-focused magazine worth subscribing to, Ukulele unpacks what is referred to as the "little instrument with a big following." This publication draws on the infectious spirit of ukulele players all around the world, thereby building a powerful community. It's impossible to complete an issue of this inspiring music magazine without a big smile on your face.

10. Mix

Professional recording practices are heavily explored in Mix, which is all about sound production technology. From disc manufacturing to facility design, this magazine is chock full of high-level insights that both emerging and experienced producers will find valuable. The reviews and event coverage are worth reading, but you'll also love the unique interviews that Mix provides.

By now, you should feel inspired to subscribe to the best music magazines. Add just a few publications to your collection, and you'll quickly find that both producing and listening to music is that much more enjoyable.