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No longer the exclusive domain of sailors, outlaws, and others on the fringes of society, tattoos are now widely recognized as a unique and valuable form of self-expression. Celebrities, athletes, and fashionistas across the globe wear these living works of art - as do plenty of regular people just like you. As a result, the previously judgmental eye cast upon the tattooed has transformed into a true appreciation for the craft.

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As tattooing has experienced a powerful resurgence over the past several decades, one of the easiest ways for tattoo enthusiasts and novices alike to explore this art form is to skim the pages of tattoo magazine subscriptions and read magazines about tattoos. Whether you are planning your next piece or simply want to stay up to date on the latest trends, you'll enjoy a subscription to our tattoo magazines for years to come.

Inked Magazine is the leading publication on tattoos and tattoo culture, combining high-resolution photos of original tattoos, in-depth interviews with tattoo artists and icons, cultural commentary, men's fashion advice, and entertainment coverage of the latest in art, music, and sports.

Tattoo parlor magazines like Inked feature a variety of styles. With examples of realistic portraits, abstract watercolors, and ornamental blackwork, anyone can find artistic brilliance in the pages of Inked tattoo magazine.

If you are looking for information about tattoo ideas, styles, news, or a tattoo shop near you, a tattoo magazine subscription from is the perfect choice for you.