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Pop culture junkies unite! If you're like us, you can't get enough of the latest celebrity gossip. It's nice to take a break from our day-to-day routine and remind ourselves that celebrities are just like us. If celebrity magazines are your thing, we have a broad selection to satisfy your need to know about your favorite stars.

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Whether you want to see photos of Beyonce on vacation, keep up with the Royal Family's drama, or attempt to learn the names of the latest music stars, Magazines.com has celebrity magazines for you. We cover all things entertainment, including music, movies, TV, and even some stunning slice-of-life photography. No matter your preference, your love for celebrity culture is safe with us - it's okay to love celeb gossip because we do too!

Want up-to-the-minute info on celebrities? Try PEOPLE Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, and Variety. Life Magazine is also a classic if you're looking for something with a beautifully curated collection of candid shots of your favorite stars behind the scenes.

For the latest news and trends in music, subscribe to Billboard Magazine, or check out Rolling Stone for a variety of trending topics, the latest in music and politics, and an intimate look inside musical icons and up and coming artists. Or, for industry news with a well-rounded scope, flip through the pages of The Hollywood Reporter, which illustrates everything from red carpet looks to the latest box office hits.

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