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If you enjoy reading reviews about guns, learning about safety techniques, or staying informed on current gun legislation, you will appreciate a subscription to Guns & Ammo magazine. The magazine also features articles on self-defense, gun collecting, and gunsmith tips, product reviews, and interviews. Each January, Guns & Ammo releases a special edition highlighting the best new firearms and gear available in the upcoming year.

Shotgun News is another great option for owners and collectors. Each issue contains gun show listings, features written by well-respected experts, reviews about new products, and historical articles. Each issue also contains extensive classified ads for both modern and antique guns, which makes it a practical resource for individuals who are buying or selling firearms. Dedicated to hunters, shooters, and collectors, the magazine is filled with relevant and engaging articles.

 Avid hunters or gun enthusiasts will enjoy a subscription to one of our magazines. Check out our current deals and discounts on gun magazines. You’re sure to find a magazine that is perfect for you!