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There's always something going on in the world of politics. If you like to stay up to date with current events, especially throughout the American government, then a political magazine subscription is perfect. Whether you're interested in the latest political race or you're looking to learn more about foreign affairs, there's a wide array of political magazine subscriptions for you to choose from.

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More About Political Magazine Subscriptions

Magazines.com has a large collection of top political magazines that we're proud to share with our customers. From topics like world news to foreign affairs and America's own political landscape, our political subscription selection contains some of the best political magazines and U.S. government publications.

Our selection includes award-winning political commentary magazines such as TIME and The New Yorker, as well as a variety of publications, focused on current political events in the U.S. Magazines like American History bring an interesting perspective to today's world by engaging readers with the history of America's past, while other magazines like The Nation intrigue visitors with today's political climate.

In addition to magazines that talk about politics in America, some publications talk about world politics, foreign affairs, and more topics than those that are just nationwide. Magazines like Foreign Affairs talk about not only America's role in the world but foreign affairs as well. The National Review is a publication that looks at current events both in and out of America while providing commentary on international issues.

If you're looking for a political publication, Magazines.com is the perfect place to find your new favorite magazine.