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Is your child's spiritual health as important to you as their physical and emotional well-being? As a loving parent, guardian, or spiritual leader, you'll appreciate the support you can get from the religious magazine subscriptions available at Choose one or more magazines about religion that you can share with a youngster or teen in your care. These Christian magazines are made to capture the attention of young minds.

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Looking for wholesome stories for your little one? In CuddleTime Bible Storybook Magazine, you will find soothing stories inspired by true biblical events that can help your child immerse in spiritual guidance from a young age. Velocity Magazine is also perfect for young teens who are trying to navigate their way through a confusing world. Its traditional take on sensitive issues can help keep your young teen on track and informed.

For the more mature teens, the content in The Brink Magazine, addresses common questions teens may be asking themselves. It contains important guideposts for older teens who want to stay true to their spiritual beliefs while still feeling like they are getting the most out of their teen years.

There are also Christian magazines like Forward Magazine that celebrates your teen or young adult's right to live in Christ's truth while embracing their own God-given talents and unique ways of expressing themselves. This religious magazine subscription will also help your teen or young adult read articles about wholesome mentors.

There are several Christian magazine subscriptions available at for your child, your students, or your loved one; either as a kind gesture or as a gift. Browse everything we have to offer and make your selection today.