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Are you looking for advice on how to pastor your flock? Are you searching for ways to get involved with worthwhile religious ministries? If so, you will benefit from a subscription to one of our ministries magazines.

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More About Ministry Magazines

Ministry Today is a respected source for Christian leaders, pastors, and thinkers. Regular features include articles about ministry news, information about leadership positions, and outreach possibilities. Billed as the magazine that serves and empowers church leaders, Ministry Today is an essential resource for pastors who are serious about leading their churches into the 21st century.

Leadership Journal is another practical publication for individuals seeking to enhance and enlarge their ministries. Billed as the magazine that encourages “real ministry in a complex world,” Leadership Journal provides insightful commentary on intricate issues. Each edition also features interviews with prominent, well-respected pastors and leaders. Individuals who want to develop a strong vision for their ministry will glean helpful ideas from each issue of Leadership Journal.

Whether you are a full-time staff member or an individual who wants to minister to those in your community, you will appreciate a subscription to one of our ministry magazines. Peruse our website to find the latest deals and discounts on select magazines. You’re sure to find something that will enable you to serve your church and community.