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Discover magazine is a science magazine for curious intellectuals. With sections devoted to science, technology, health, medicine, and space, it is a must-read for science lovers. Discover magazine also focuses extensively on the environment, with topics including sustainability, natural resources, energy, and pollution. Whether you want to learn more about current environmental policy, climate change, or natural disasters, you will benefit from a subscription to Discover magazine.

National Parks magazine is a quarterly publication centered on enjoying, protecting, and caring for state parks. As the official magazine of the National Parks Conservation, the magazine is filled with information about how to take care of parks, how to fight for park-friendly legislation, and how to plan a cross-country trip.

Other popular environmental magazines include Massachusetts Wildlife, Wisconsin Natural Resources, and Audubon magazine. Individuals who are passionate about wildlife conservation and environmental protection will enjoy a subscription to one of our environmental magazines. Peruse our website to find the latest deals and discounts on select magazines.