Top 10 Beach or Poolside Magazine Reads for Summer

Picture the most relaxing summer afternoon imaginable. Does a beautiful beach or shady pool deck somehow enter the equation? Warm, inviting, and undeniably picturesque, these iconic oases provide the perfect opportunity to relax, work on your tan, and let your stress melt away. A day at the beach or pool can be even more enjoyable if you arrive equipped with reading material.

Daydreaming or listening to music can be fun, but reading on the beach or by the pool is even more satisfying. From celebrity gossip to the latest fashion trends, news in sports, and more, kick back under the sun with a magazine. Here are the top magazines of summer you?ll want to bring to your next pool or beach day.

Travel + Leisure

There's no better way to beat the post-vacation blues than by planning the next trip. Why not get a head start as you lounge in the sun? Travel + Leisure will give you plenty of ideas!

A favorite among travel lovers, this immersive magazine gives you the chance to escape to your dream destination and experience the world through its pages. Each issue contains actionable insights that can help you make the most of your next adventure.


If you prefer running on the beach to lounging in the sand,Outside is the magazine for you. This publication is made for fitness gurus and nature lovers, as it supports living an active and fulfilling lifestyle in the great outdoors.

The world-class photography within the pages of this magazine is nothing short of mesmerizing. You'll also appreciate the extensive coverage of the world's most inspiring outdoors enthusiasts, who continually prove that committing to nature makes life richer and more rewarding.

Reader's Digest

With jokes, anecdotes, and lighthearted stories, Reader's Digest is chock full of casual content, making it the perfect beach read. Flip through this easy-read at your leisure. There truly is something for everyone in this versatile magazine.

The New Yorker

Perhaps you like the idea of dedicating yourself to novels but simply don't have the time for a longer read. The New Yorker can fill the gap, providing exposure to today's best literary works without forcing you to set aside a significant portion of your precious beach time. Thought-provoking essays, poetry, and commentary will keep you entertained from cover to cover.

Humor Times

Treat yourself to a few good chuckles as you take in the biting humor of this appropriately named magazine. While much of the content is inspired by today's most pressing political events, there are also plenty of pop culture references and non-political jokes you can enjoy when you need something a bit more lighthearted.

Rolling Stone

Calling all music lovers! Get caught up on the latest developments from the music world with a little help from Rolling Stone. This notorious magazine provides plenty of inspiration to expand your playlist and be in the know about all things music. In each issue, you'll find profiles detailing artists who are currently hitting the charts, plus insights from old favorites who have been on the scene for years.


When you need a casual read, nothing quite compares to a classic fashion magazine. Both edgy and comforting, the best publications bring daring style concepts to life. This is a great option if you've added a few shopping expeditions to your vacation itinerary, as you'll find all the inspiration you need within Vogue's fashion features.

Read up on trending looks and learn how you can make them fit seamlessly into your existing wardrobe.

Harper's Bazaar

Another beloved fashion magazine worth adding to your beach collection, Harper's Bazaar appeals to confident and sophisticated women. The stunning photographs make flipping through a treat, although you'll want to stop and take a closer look at the interviews with your favorite celebrities and fashion icons.


Celebrity gossip is the ultimate guilty pleasure, but there's no need to feel any guilt whatsoever if you read about the stars while you're sunbathing. Get the scoop on Hollywood happenings with People, which has long been regarded as one of the most important sources of celebrity news.

Food & Wine

Nothing pairs better with a pool or beach day than a little wine and cheese! Food & Wine encourages you to treat each meal as the elevated experience it should be. Restaurant reviews, wine pairing suggestions, and travel ideas are abundant within each issue. Evocative photos and the finest recipes are sure to get your mouth watering.

Sports Illustrated

Keep up with the fast-paced world of sports when you read the most relevant athletic magazine: Sports Illustrated. This publication goes beyond the usual sports headlines to provide a glimpse at the mentality of the players and coaches you find so captivating. Covering everything from football and golf to Olympic swimming, it's the perfect poolside read for fans of any athletic endeavor.

Few activities are as relaxing or as enriching as browsing your favorite magazines - especially when you have a pool or beach as the backdrop. Find a comfortable or scenic place to kick back and absorb today's best content. Whether you read about fashion, sports, or cuisine, you'll emerge feeling revitalized.