Get Ready for Turkey Day with These Thanksgiving Magazines

Thanksgiving is meant for reflection and gratitude, but that doesn't mean you can't do it up with vibrant decorations and the tastiest meals. A remarkable Thanksgiving takes a lot of planning, and the sooner you get started, the less you'll stress along the way.

Whether you're throwing a small gathering for family, a Friendsgiving extravaganza, or a casual watch party for the day's big football games, you should have the freedom to plan a day that's meaningful to you and your loved ones.

Sometimes, you may struggle to find ideas that reflect your preferred aesthetic or palette. That's where the best Thanksgiving magazines come into play. These seasonal publications provide a wealth of ideas, ranging from recipes to decor and everything in between. Prepare for the perfect holiday by subscribing to these top Thanksgiving magazines:


Is Thanksgiving frequently a source of stress due to the piles of indulgent food? If you host your own party, you have the opportunity to serve reasonably healthy meals that still taste delicious. Otherwise, you may always be the sole healthy contributor at your annual Friendsgiving potluck. Either way, you'll find all the ideas you need in CookingLight, the go-to holiday recipe resource for anyone with dietary limitations.

Whether you're trying to cut calories or find gluten-free options, you can easily fill in the gaps in your typical recipe book with help from this Thanksgiving essential. Your creations will be such a hit, you'll be glad to have a full subscription that keeps you motivated to try other healthy treats.

Better Homes & Gardens

From eye-catching crafts to satisfying meals, Better Homes & Gardens helps you add special touches to your Thanksgiving setup. While the magazine's November issues aren't exclusively (or mostly) dedicated to turkey day, they always contain just enough insight to prepare you. The most useful suggestions are often the most surprising. Guides to meal prep tools, for example, reveal how you can expedite otherwise time-consuming processes and spend more time with your family.

In addition to your typical BHG subscription, you'll want to get your hands on special editions, several of which provide advice relevant to Thanksgiving. The Holiday Recipes Edition, for example, goes beyond December festivities to include many excellent Thanksgiving recipes. This is where you'll learn how to prepare the most satisfying sides, the juiciest turkey, and all kinds of delicious desserts.

Southern Living

Traditional Thanksgiving recipes can vary dramatically from one region to the next, so it's fun to see what dominates in a specific area of the country. Whether you live in the south, feel nostalgic for southern traditions, or want a glimpse at a different way of life, you'll love the Thanksgiving details in the November issue of Southern Living. You'll find fun spins on your favorite dishes, plus charming decor ideas that can help you pull off a festive look even when it's downright balmy outside.

Food & Wine

Thanksgiving may be about more than food, but that doesn't stop the holiday's culinary delights from taking over the front cover of Food & Wine each November. If you're happy to concoct your own creations to serve to guests, you'll find all the ideas you need - but you can also count on Food & Wine to provide plenty of shortcuts. Features about mail-order turkeys, for example, help you serve a great meal with none of the stress.

This magazine also delves into an oft-neglected part of the annual Thanksgiving meal: pairing your beverages. Not just any wine goes well with turkey, as you've perhaps discovered through experience. Food & Wine can always be counted on for the best recommendations. No matter what guests think of your food, they'll undoubtedly be impressed by - and thankful for - the wine.


Combining the best of both the online and print worlds, Allrecipes draws on the best submissions from a popular recipe website to produce an amazing collection of meal ideas. This proves especially valuable for the November issue, as you can feel confident that any featured recipes have been tested at everyday dinner tables across the nation.

In addition to superb turkey day recipes, this jam-packed magazine provides plenty of excellent advice on meal prep. Magnolia Journal include updates on kitchen gadgets, advice on healthy eating, and solutions for keeping both everyday and holiday meals as affordable as possible. Like BHG, Allrecipes also publishes a few special issues worth checking out. The Fall Recipes Edition, in particular, will have you whipping up all kinds of enticing dishes to add to your Thanksgiving spread.

Magnolia Journal

Hosting can be satisfying, but we often forget that the mark of Thanksgiving isn't necessarily a beautifully decorated home or a table full of indulgent foods. Magnolia Journal provides the reminders we need to keep our focus on gratitude above all else. Yes, this lifestyle magazine has plenty of fun hints for elevating your everyday aesthetic, but the underlying focus is always on living well. While it's only published quarterly, each issue provides more than enough food for thought to sustain you through a busy Thanksgiving week and long after.


If mental health is a priority as you enter the holiday season, you'll want to grab a few special issues of Breathe to complement all your cooking, craft, and decor magazines. Breathe encourages you to set aside the to-do list for a bit and, instead, focus on your well-being. A variety of targeted editions are available so that you can tailor your reading experience based on your current concerns. The Stress Less Edition, in particular, will be valuable as you try to remain mindful during the whirlwind of the holiday season.

Thanksgiving should be a time of joy and togetherness. A few simple ideas can help you elevate your meal, decor, and mindset as you prepare for a wonderful gathering. Spend just one Thanksgiving supported by the best magazines, and you'll wonder how you ever managed without them.