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Are you an engineer who wants to stay informed about the latest breakthroughs and developments in the engineering world? Do you want a reference for your experiments and do-it-yourself projects? Are you an engineering student who wants to glean pertinent advice about engineering? Are you interested in the community and creations of the engineering and finance world? If so, you'll benefit from a subscription to one of our engineering magazines!

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Engineering News Record contains sharp commentary about transportation, power, water and dams, the environment, and other key facets of engineering. Whether you are looking for articles about the newest technological developments, information about the best equipment, or coverage of the most recent policies and pieces of legislation, you can find it in each issue of Engineering News Record.

If you're looking for an engineering magazine subscription that pushes forward your creativity and interest as an engineer, inventor, or technician, Nuts & Volts is the publication for you. This magazine is a wonderful reference for information and practical uses in engineering, as it covers everything from DIY projects to home automation, circuit design, robotics, and more. Whether you're a creator and technician or simply curious about the creation and culture of programming and engineering, this publication is an invaluable resource with incredible community culture. Covering everything from evolving ways of confronting engineering issues to reader perspectives, insights on specific ideas and challenges, and new and interesting developments in the world of engineering, this magazine is a fantastic option for those who want to know more about the future of engineering.

Diversity in STEAM is a successful engineering subscription that showcases the art and innovation in engineering. With a focus on the importance of STEM and the arts for the future of business, culture, education, and innovation, this engineering and finance magazine subscription offers a refreshing perspective. From the educational opportunities in STEM to the business opportunities, or employment opportunities for minority and diverse cultures, this is the publication for you.

If you are a longtime engineer or an engineering student, you will appreciate the helpful news and resources found in each new issue of our engineering and finance magazines. Or, if you want to keep up to date with the business and finance world's latest advancements, business and finance magazine subscriptions are a fantastic way to stay informed about the current and future market. Explore our website to find current deals and discounts on select magazines. You're sure to find a magazine that is perfect for you at!