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In the wake of advancing technology and the resulting information overload, come to to get your domestic and foreign government news without the stress! We offer a curated selection of current affairs magazines and political magazine subscriptions to keep you informed and up to date on government and political affairs near and far. Read up on policy alternatives, agriculture, investment strategies, military affairs, and so much more!

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Choosing the best magazine for world news is important for understanding and affecting policy decisions that directly impact you. Whether you want to embark on a successful government career, satiate curiosity about the inner workings of government, or be in the know about politics, political magazine subscriptions will deliver you the necessary information.

If you are eager to learn more about the intricacies of American politics, subscribe to the magazine The Nation to receive news and commentary about American politics from the left and progressive side. The Nation publication offers weekly issues with strong commentary about current and relevant political happenings. With its first issue published in 1865, The Nation Magazine has published thought-provoking pieces for concerned citizens for many decades. Each issue of The Nation mag covers pressing news about Congress and the U.S. Government, as well as societal and cultural issues and world news.

Dive into our complex world, read up on national and international policy, and incorporate daily news into your schedule by subscribing to one of our government magazines! If you wish to stay informed about the current political landscape, you will benefit from a government magazine subscription.