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Are you a business owner who wants to stay informed about the most recent cases and rulings? Do you need to ensure your business fully complies with federal regulations? Are you a practicing lawyer who wants to stay informed on your practice areas? If so, you will benefit from a subscription to one of our law trade journals or other law magazines at

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If you specialize in estate planning and wealth management, you will benefit from a subscription to Trusts & Estates magazine. This peer-reviewed journal is curated specifically for professionals who work with high-level clientele, such as individuals with high net worth and non-profit organizations. Each issue, published monthly, includes articles and insights from estate attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, financial planners, and more experts. The journal strives to offer relevant, trustworthy information about real estate, investing, and other forms of wealth management. This is a good magazine for lawyers who focus on estate planning and trusts for wealthy clients.

If you are not a practicing attorney but are still seeking a law magazine subscription that will benefit you, consider subscribing to The Kiplinger Tax Letter. This legal magazine is created specifically for individuals who are not tax experts but want to stay informed when it comes to their taxes. It offers twenty-six issues each year, published bi-weekly, so you will never have to worry about missing the latest information. The publication's content intentionally does not use technical language so that you can understand the information offered throughout the year. This would also be a great resource for business owners who want a more thorough knowledge of the tax system to ensure they handle everything properly.

Whether you are a business owner who needs to stay informed about recent regulations, an attorney who wants to stay up to date on your practice, or an everyday citizen who wants to learn more about current legislation, you will appreciate a subscription to one of our law magazines. Our law magazine subscriptions provide accurate, relevant information no matter your needs. Explore our website to find the latest deals and discounts on available magazines. You're sure to find a magazine that will keep you informed on the latest news in the law industry.