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Do you enjoy woodworking? Are you interested in welding or other forms of metalworking? Whether you are a beginner or an experienced craftsman, you will discover tried-and-true tips in each issue of our woodworking and machining magazines.

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Fine Woodworking magazine is packed with relevant advice for both novice and expert craftsmen. Each issue is filled with innovative design ideas, reliable tips and techniques, and in-depth product reviews. Fine Woodworking teaches readers the basics of choosing the right tools, creating do-it-yourself projects, and choosing and applying finishes. The magazine also instructs readers on how to create custom cabinets, desks, benches, and beds. Each issue teaches individuals how to properly plan and complete projects. Fine Woodworking is a reliable resource for woodworkers everywhere.

The Home Shop Machinist is a valuable resource for individuals who enjoy working with metal. Each bimonthly issue teaches readers how to sharpen tools, modify machines, improve their shops, and create original projects. Each issue teaches hobby machinists how to improve their skills. Individuals who love working in the shop will devour each new issue of The Home Shop Machinist. Peruse our website to find the latest deals and discounts on select magazines. You’re sure to find something that will help you hone your craft.