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Do you enjoy woodworking? Are you interested in welding or other forms of metalworking? If someone you know is a hobbyist of woodworking or machining, give them what they want-a woodworking magazine subscription. We offer a variety of the most popular woodworking magazine subscription options.

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More About Woodworking & Machining Magazine Subscriptions

If woodworking or machining is your hobby or niche, you will love one of the woodworking magazine subscription offers. Whether your specialty is woodcarving or wood smithing, the pages of these magazines are filled with unique projects, innovative ideas, and beautiful color photographs that engulf readers with every issue. From tool reviews to workshop hacks, you're sure to find the best woodworking magazine subscription to fit you perfectly.

If you're a machinist or know someone who is, check out our selections of machinery trader magazine subscription options. Whether metalwork is a hobby or your profession, a machinery magazine subscription will appeal to anyone interested in machining. Here you'll find vivid pictures and unique content on all things metal, from milling to drilling, grinding, gunsmithing, lathe work, and more, within the pages of our machining subscription selections.

Since 1985, Popular Woodworking has been the most respected woodworking magazine in the country. With six issues published each year, this subscription includes plenty of projects and ideas to keep you motivated and busy in your woodworking workshop. We offer a discounted subscription to this publication in addition to many other quality magazines centered around the precise and methodical skillsets of woodworking and metalworking.

Fine Woodworking magazine is packed with relevant advice for both novice and expert craftsmen. Each issue is filled with innovative design ideas, reliable tips and techniques, and in-depth product reviews. Fine Woodworking teaches readers the basics of choosing the right tools, creating do-it-yourself projects, and choosing and applying finishes. The magazine also instructs readers on creating custom cabinets, desks, benches, and beds. Each issue teaches individuals how to plan and complete projects correctly. Fine Woodworking is a reliable resource for woodworkers everywhere.

The Home Shop Machinist is a valuable resource for individuals who enjoy working with metal. Each bi-monthly issue teaches readers how to sharpen tools, modify machines, improve their shops, and create original projects. It teaches hobby machinists how to improve their skills. Individuals who love working in the shop will devour each new issue of The Home Shop Machinist.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced craftsman of wood or metal, you will discover tried-and-true tips in each issue of our woodworking and machining magazines.