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Are you intrigued by puzzles and hobbies? Do you spend more time trying to decipher a logic puzzle than deciphering a new recipe? If so, you'll love our array of hobby and craft magazines available for subscription.

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Whether you're looking for a subscription for the puzzle lover in your life or want to find the perfect game to tackle, Magazines.com has subscriptions for all gamers and puzzle solvers. Word enthusiasts will get a kick out of our crossword puzzles where you can test your skills and both adults and children will enjoy word search magazine, which has great activities for anyone who just needs to decompress at the end of the day. Word search puzzles are also a fantastic development tool for children who are just learning to identify letters and read! If you love brain teasers and mind bogglers, try World of Puzzles. Every issue is full of puzzles of every kind, from anagrams to word scrambles and more.

Don't you hate it when you finish all the puzzles in your crossword magazine? Not anymore! With our crossword subscription, you will never have to worry about running out of crossword puzzles again. And, when you subscribe to Logic Problems, you'll get your fill of hard to crack logic problems. Plus, if you're shopping for a magazine gift for an elderly loved one, Fill-In Puzzles is a great option where seniors (and people of all ages) can exercise their brains. If you're ready to crack the code and get started on your next puzzle, subscribe to the puzzles and games magazines at Magazines.com!