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If you are ready to immerse yourself into a world of fiction and fantasy, consider a subscription to any of our science fiction magazines. The thrills of a sci-fi magazine don't stop at short stories. When you subscribe to fantasy magazines, you can enjoy cartoons, movie and book reviews, opinion pieces, and puzzles.

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More About Sci-Fi & Mystery Magazine Subscriptions

One long-time favorite sci-fi magazine is Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine, which is packed with diverse content to transport you to new worlds. This magazine has been the birthplace of a variety of popular sci-fi stories. Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine is another publication with a longstanding reputation for providing one-of-a-kind storylines and exciting plots for you to enjoy. Both sci-fi magazines publish six double issues annually, which means you will be entertained twofold each time your issue arrives.

If you are looking to bridge the gap between science fiction and the real world, consider a subscription to one of our science fiction fantasy journals, like Skeptical Inquirer Magazine. Here you'll find unbiased, in-depth investigations and analyses of real-world conspiracies and phenomena. Readers have enjoyed reading about topics including paranormal activity, urban legends, and psychic readings in the past.

Whether you are new to the world of sci-fi and mystery or a long-time sci-fi lover, a subscription to one of our fantasy and science fiction magazines is sure to entertain. Looking for a gift for a special sci-fi fan in your life? Consider a gift that gives all year, an annual subscription to one of our many science fiction magazines.