5 Magazines Every Professional Chef Should Be Reading

As a passionate chef, you're constantly hunting for the most exciting techniques, ingredients, and flavors. Inspiration can be surprisingly difficult to come by as you spend so much time interacting with the same people in the kitchen. As a result, you may start to feel stagnant. This should cause alarm, as success in this demanding industry calls for a special spark that can be difficult to maintain.

The problem? Your busy schedule leaves you little time to attend culinary conferences or even read the latest books. You might find yourself endlessly scrolling social media, but even that quickly becomes an echo chamber with little new information. Thankfully, you can always sneak in a few minutes to check out today's most acclaimed magazines for chefs. Be sure to add these essential publications to your reading list:

Bon Appetit

As one of the most enduringly influential publications in the culinary space, Bon Appetit explores the intriguing intersection between food and culture. This is where you'll head for updates on the culinary industry, including news about the most influential restaurants and, of course, top chefs. The photos are incredibly inspiring, as they underscore the value of the detail-oriented presentation. Plus, extensive coverage of culinary trends will always keep you in the know.

The compelling stories highlighted in this magazine provide a powerful reminder that dining can be a deeply personal and meaningful endeavor - and that it always carries the possibility of building community. It's often referred to as a "food lifestyle" magazine; this scope makes it a particularly enjoyable read for chefs who want to move past recipes alone to discover new ways to find passion in their profession.

Cook's Illustrated

As a top offering from America's Test Kitchen, Cook's Illustrated provides a wealth of advice. While it's primarily intended for home cooks, there's no denying that the recommendations contained in each issue are relevant to professional chefs. A variety of ingredients and flavors are featured, as are the best tools for preparing elevated dishes at home and beyond.

Simply paging through this magazine should feel inspiring, as the photography is downright gorgeous. However, beyond this, you'll find yourself searching for in-depth breakdowns of the science that underscores today's most effective culinary techniques. This magazine is unique in its emphasis on constantly testing and tweaking your culinary creations. This is evident in the Recipe Update section, where you'll find new ways to amp up previously featured creations.

Food & Wine

Dedicated to all things gourmet dining, Food & Wine has been a highly respected publication since it first made waves in 1978. Its elite status is reflected in its many awards and distinctions, including callouts from the International Association of Culinary Professionals.

This is a must-have resource if you hope to expand your knowledge of fine wines and how they pair best with various types of cuisine. Wine pairing recommendations are a central component of each issue, as are profiles of today's top wines and winemakers. You'll also see plenty of stories about talented chefs. Let these inspire you in your search for new and exciting ways to bring the best wines and meals together.

Food Network

Many chefs consider Food Network as something of a guilty pleasure. In reality, however, this channel can offer plenty of helpful insights for casual and professional chefs. The same can be said of its exclusive magazine, which aims to make the culinary arts as entertaining as possible. As with the TV channel, many celebrity chefs are prominently featured in everyday articles. That being said, the magazine will also introduce you to many lesser-known - but equally inspiring - culinary geniuses.

If you worry that you've lost the excitement that attracted you to the chef life in the first place, Food Network's magazine could be where you rediscover your passion. Otherwise, this is a great way to research what appeals to the everyday individuals you serve - and how - you can exceed their expectations.


Another excellent option for learning what drives today's home chefs, Allrecipes can be a surprisingly effective source of inspiration for all corners of the culinary world. In all likelihood, you've found yourself perusing this popular website from time to time. Now, however, you can take this effort to a whole new level with help from a magazine that only incorporates the best ideas and techniques.

Accompanied by detailed ratings and reviews, the dishes featured in this magazine are always visually appealing. These recipes are elevated by helpful information on the latest kitchen gadgets, as well as excellent options for beverage pairings. You'll quickly look forward to all the ideas that this magazine provides, both for your professional endeavors and casual, at-home cooking.

The right chefs magazine can spark creativity in the kitchen and beyond. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable inspiration as you expand your horizons and prepare to delight foodies of all kinds. You'll be thrilled to discover that a few minutes of light reading each day can transform your approach to all aspects of cuisine.