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Are you a bona fide cat lover? Do you believe that dogs truly are a man’s best friend? Does your family have a beloved pet cat or dog? If you love cats and dogs, why not subscribe to a magazine focused entirely on your favorite animal? Dog lovers will relish a subscription to Modern Dog, filled with tips and advice about training and caring for your canine.

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More About Dogs & Cats Magazines

Modern Dog magazine features breed profiles, health and wellness tips, heartwarming rescue stories, informative product reviews, and advice on behavioral problems. You may also benefit from a subscription to a niche magazine such as Just Labs, The Pointing Dog Journal, or Gun Dog.

If you have a cat, consider subscribing to Modern Cat which features giveaways, cute photo contests, and articles on how to properly care for your cat.

Pet lovers everywhere will enjoy a subscription to one of our magazines. Peruse our website to see the current deals and discounts available on cat and dog magazines. Whether you are a feline fan or a canine lover, you’re sure to find a magazine you will enjoy!