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Do you love riding horses? Are your kids always begging you to let them take horseback riding lessons? Have you been thinking about buying a horse of your own? If so, why not subscribe to one of our horse magazines?

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More About Horses Magazines

Western riders will enjoy a subscription to Horse & Rider magazine. Billed as a magazine for the “active, passionate contemporary Western rider and horse owner,” Horse & Rider is primarily written by trainers, industry experts, veterinarians, and equine behaviorists. Each new issue contains sections on training techniques, riding tips, and product reviews.

If you have a child who rides horses, consider buying them a subscription to Young Rider magazine. Written especially for teens and tweens, the magazine teaches youngsters how to care for their horses and improve their riding technique. Each issue features photos of young riders and their horses, tips on how to care for horses, advice on how to memorize courses, and Q&A columns.

The American Quarter Horse Association Journal is a great staple for horse owners. It is chock-full of informative articles about breeding, training, and riding quarter horses.

Whether you are a longtime owner or someone who enjoys the occasional horseback ride, you will benefit from a subscription to one of our magazines. Peruse our website for current deals and discounts on these magazines. You’re sure to find a magazine that will delight any horse lover!