5 Easter Food Ideas For This Year's Easter Party

Every Easter, you eat your fill of ham, eggs, and, of course, chocolate and jelly beans. These are all tasty, but what if you crave something more unique? If you're throwing the party this year, you call the shots - and you can opt for a more special menu.

However, your ambition might exceed your creativity. No worries: There are plenty of sources of inspiration available. Food magazines and social media are always helpful. Plus, we've provided several unique Easter food ideas for a party below:

1. Level Up Your Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are a crowd-pleaser, but they're also far more versatile than you've previously imagined. The simplest way to take them to the next level is to add food coloring, so they're as vibrant as your colored hard-boiled eggs.

The process is remarkably similar: Once you've boiled the eggs and removed the yolks, steep the halves of the egg whites in bowls with water and food coloring.

Another memorable way to mix it up? Add some spice to your deviled eggs. A bit of hot sauce should do the trick, plus a sprinkle of cayenne. Deviled eggs can also feature minced jalapeno - add bacon bits if you really want to do it up.

2. Keep It Healthy With an Easter Bunny Fruit Tray

Indulgence is the name of the game on Easter, so keeping your holiday diet somewhat healthy can be tricky. On the hunt for Easter party food ideas that incorporate produce? A vibrant display shaped like the beloved Easter Bunny should do the trick.

This can feature any combination of fruit you desire, although pineapple is arguably the easiest for creating bunny ears. Use strawberries for the nose, plus blueberries or blackberries for the eyes. Grapes, orange slices, or honeydew melon can form the backdrop for this colorful display.

3. Add Bunnies to Your Salad

Another creative option for displaying bunnies while eating healthy, this dish can feature any type of lettuce or toppings you desire. What sets it apart, however, is the bunny (or bunnies) topping the greens. Each bunny consists of half a pear, which can be peeled and served fresh - or drained if used from a can.

Small pieces of raisins will form the eyes, with a sliver of cranberry used for the nose. Almonds or almond slices make great ears. Finish the image with a fluffy tail made of cottage cheese or marshmallows, and add carrots for a garnish.

4. Serve Grilled Ham for Easter Dinner

Any typical list of Easter food for a party is bound to include ham as the main dish. However, if your typical ham recipe is starting to feel a bit dull, you can amp it up by preparing it on the grill. This approach will make your traditional ham dinner feel a lot more dynamic.

Grilled ham is wonderfully versatile, as there are many great glazes worth trying. Honey bourbon, for example, is chock full of flavor, although there's much to love about citrus glazes. Serve with pineapple for a tropical touch. If you somehow manage to have leftovers, you'll actually look forward to eating them this year.

5. Offer Up a Chuckle With Easter Bunny Butt Cake

While you could easily satisfy everybody's sweet tooth with a bowl of jelly beans or a selection of chocolate eggs, a decorated dessert will bring your party to the next level. Keep things silly with a display that shows off the Easter Bunny's backside. This is popular as a cheesecake, but a box mix can also do the trick if you prefer chocolate cake or a basic yellow cake.

If you go the cheesecake route, you'll use two packs of cream cheese, sugar, eggs, and vanilla extract. This blend can be shaped by hand or poured into half-sphere silicone molds. A large ball will form the butt, plus smaller balls for the tail and feet. Add M&Ms or jelly beans to complete the effect for the feet. Crushed Oreos or wafers will give the bunny a 'dirt' surface to dig into.

Small adjustments can add a lot of interest to your Easter dinner or dessert. Don't be afraid to experiment this year; with the right blend of innovative and classic, you'll have no trouble impressing your Easter party guests

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