Most Unique Holiday Gifts for 2022

Gift-giving can be one of the greatest pleasures of the holiday season, but it's also a common source of stress. Finding the right item can be surprisingly tricky, particularly if you have a long shopping list or simply don't know some of the recipients well.

It's easy to see why so many people settle for gift cards or standbys such as wine and chocolate; finding new and exciting options quickly feels like work rather than the joyful experience seen in media depictions of the holidays. Sometimes, however, a little bit of inspiration is all it takes to get your holiday shopping session off to a strong start.

To help, we've compiled the most unique holiday gift tips for 2022, along with specific ideas for presents you can find for the most discerning people on your list. When in doubt, try these unique holiday gifts:

Memorable Magazines

Magazines are a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. They're highly adaptable based on the recipient's interests - and there's truly something for everyone. Great options to use as unique gifts for the holiday include:

Name a publication, and you can find at least one person who will be thrilled to receive it as a gift. To simplify - or even eliminate - this year's shopping ordeal, select several different magazines to give as unique holiday gifts for family and friends.

If you don't want to commit to a full year's worth of subscriptions, consider purchasing special edition issues. These are commonly available in celebrity and entertainment magazines like People and LIFE. This provides an even better opportunity to personalize your gift. If the single issue is well-received, you can always follow up with a magazine gift subscription in the future.

Whiskey Stones

If you know somebody who loves to unwind at the end of a long day with a well-crafted drink, this person will probably appreciate a few accessories that elevate the experience. Whiskey stones, for example, should keep drinks cool without compromising their flavor. They make for a wonderful alternative to ice cubes.

Sometimes referred to as whiskey rocks or whiskey balls, whiskey stones can be incredibly sophisticated. They work well when you need an upscale gift but don't want to spend too much money.

These accessories are usually shaped like small cubes and cut from natural stone, such as soapstone or granite. Stainless-steel stones are also available. Consider adding these stones to a gift basket that also includes the recipient's favorite liquor and a few trendy glasses to enjoy it in.

Tile Mate

Do your friends and family members constantly lose their keys? Spare them the trouble of searching for hours. There's a much better solution that keeps stress to a minimum: the beloved Tile Mate. Small but effective, this gadget is such a game-changer, you'll want to invest in several for yourself.

The Tile system is simple: you can attach small trackers to frequently lost items such as keychains or headphones. If these essentials are misplaced, the Tile will use a technology known as Bluetooth Low Energy.

Operating the Tile is simple; open the app, tap on the Tile prompt, and wait for the device to play a song so you can easily locate it. If you're far away from the item in question, you can anonymously call on other Tile users to pass on location details so you can retrieve lost items as quickly and easily as possible.

Containers With Attached Lids

Similar to the Tile Mate, containers with attached lids can solve a common source of annoyance: the tendency to accumulate mismatched lids and containers. When the lids are already attached, they're impossible to lose.

These dishwasher-safe storage containers are perfect for keeping snacks fresh on the go. They also work well for storing leftovers.

Buy a few containers for the frazzled parent in your life or a huge set for a college student or young adult just starting out in a new apartment. Either way, this simple yet genius gift will save the recipient a lot of trouble down the road.

Towel Warmer

As the ultimate example of the device you never knew you needed, a towel warmer makes bathtime an absolute delight. Also known as a heated towel rack or heated towel rails, this bathroom essential can be used to both heat and dry your favorite towels.

This is a must-have for cold-weather climates, where the simple act of getting out of the tub or shower can often feel miserable. Equipped with a towel warmer, your friends or family members will be willing to emerge from the bathtub, even when they feel wonderfully relaxed.

Reserve this gift for someone you know well; you'll want to confirm in advance that a towel warmer would actually be of interest - and that the recipient's bathroom will accommodate this extra accessory.

Lollyphile Lollipops

Sweet treats are always a winner, but what if you've tired of the usual chocolates? Lollipops could be a great alternative. We're not talking about your typical kid-friendly flavors - the unique options from Lollyphile are sure to please. From chai tea to charcuterie, there's truly something for everyone.

Some flavors may not seem appealing to everyone - but if the goal is to get people talking, Lollyphile lollipops will definitely succeed. There's no better stocking stuffer for the giftee who has seen it all. Even if you don't give these lollipops as gifts, they're a worthy option to have on hand for treats at your party.

An endless array of opportunities promise to delight friends and family members when it's time to unwrap gifts. Remember: The best presents can't always be wrapped with paper or contained within a box. Think creatively to find hassle-free gifts that your loved ones will adore.