Best Places to Travel in the Summer

Nothing quite lives up to the hype of a summer getaway, especially when there's no need to worry about bad weather, scheduling complications, or off-season closures.

Unfortunately, all these advantages create one major downside: crowds. While some vacationers appreciate the hustle and bustle, many are far more intent on getting away from it. But long lines and constant noise make this difficult.

The solution? Visit the hidden gems, instead! Skip the tourist traps and overly crowded destinations and try something more off the beaten path. So, where are the best places for summer vacation? Here are the best places to visit in the summer to escape the crowds.

Monhegan Island

Accessible only by ferry, Monhegan Island is one of the best places to go in the summer. This rocky island off the coast of Maine encourages you to unplug to enjoy the solitude. You'll have to travel by foot once you arrive, but that's part of the charm - and the hiking trails are truly magnificent. Don't forget to explore the lighthouse and the local art galleries.

Black Canyon of the Gunnison

The Grand Canyon may be iconic, but it's by no means the only impressive canyon in the US. Skip the crowds and head for a shockingly underrated national park: Black Canyon of the Gunnison, one of the best places to visit in the summer!

The scenery is different, but enthusiasts believe that Colorado's top canyon is even more impressive than its Arizona counterpart. Here you'll find intense hikes and easy access to several underrated Colorado towns.

Kings Canyon National Park

Everybody loves Yosemite and Sequoia, but Kings Canyon National Park is often overlooked. Located between Sierra National Forest and Sequoia National Forest in California, here is where you'll discover the Nation's Christmas Tree. While this is especially stunning when covered in fresh snow, it remains lovely during the summer months.

Other highlights include Mist Falls and Boyden Cavern. Enjoy a classic national park lodging experience within the Grant Grove Cabins, where you can relax before you tackle your next hike.

Athabasca Sand Dunes

When you picture Canadian adventures, you probably imagine Vancouver, Banff, or Montreal. Saskatchewan might not strike you as a top tourist destination, however, your perspective may change once you've discovered the Athabasca Sand Dunes. This remote destination takes considerable effort to access - but if you make it there, you'll be treated to stunning visuals and a wonderful sense of solitude.

Monticello Wine Trail

There's a lot to love about California Wine Country, but why not try something a bit different? If you're a resident of Virginia, escape to the Monticello Wine - the birthplace of American wine - for the weekend! Soak in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, plus try a variety of wines from dozens of local vineyards.

Gold Beach

A lovely coastal town often passed over in favor of Oregon's busier seaside destinations, Gold Beach offers vast expanses of sand. Stroll or lounge without worrying about crowds. While the sand is not - as the town's name implies - gold, it's beautiful nonetheless. In town, there are several charming restaurants worth checking out.


An up-and-coming town with quirky vibes and one of the nation's most impressive historic mansions, Asheville is a go-to destination if you're all about brew culture. Often referred to as "Beer City USA," Asheville is home to an eclectic array of artisans.

This city provides easy access to the iconic Blue Ridge Parkway, which delivers an amazingly scenic drive in the summer. Crowds are manageable even during tourist season, but you can find quieter accommodations in nearby Black Mountain.


Perhaps you're intent on globetrotting and want to spend time in a charmingly historic setting. Look no further than Ghent, which is often passed over as tourists head to Bruges and Brussels. Arguably the most beautiful city in Belgium, Ghent offers panoramic views from its belfry, along with memorable boat rides and a remarkable medieval castle.

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