5 Fun Summer (Or End-of-Summer) Cocktail Recipes for Entertaining

A refreshing drink can instantly elevate any summer (or end-of-summer) party. Imagine the oohs and ahs from partygoers as they kick back with a sophisticated yet delicious beverage.

While many ingredients can enhance the experience, you'll find that the most appealing drinks often include mint, lime, or some combination of the two. That said, there's a lot to love about beverages that emphasize berries or even iced coffee.

The best summer cocktail recipes are easy to follow yet unexpected enough to surprise and delight all types of guests. Creating a lineup of easy summer cocktail recipes can be tricky, especially if you're typically content to crack open a cold beer instead. To help, we've highlighted a few of the most refreshing summer cocktail recipes worth trying for your next big occasion:

1. Gin-Gin Mule

If you love a classic Moscow mule but also crave gin, this fun blend will give you the best of both worlds. Technically, this beverage incorporates two essentials that begin with 'gin': your favorite liquor and delicious ginger beer. Don't be surprised if you ultimately prefer this to the traditional mule.

Begin by muddling one tablespoon of simple syrup with the juice from half a lime. Depending on how minty you prefer your drink, you can muddle between five and eight mint leaves. Next, add an ounce of ginger beer and between one and two ounces of gin. Strain into a highball glass and garnish with extra mint.

2. Cucumber Vodka Tonic

Why relegate cucumbers to mere garnishes for your favorite summer cocktail recipes? This drink proves that cucumber can shine as one of the main ingredients.

Add two ounces of cucumber vodka, five mint leaves, and the juice from half a lime before muddling gently. Next, add five slices of cucumber and five ice cubes. Shake vigorously before pouring into a glass and adding four ounces of your favorite tonic.

3. Strawberry Prosecco Slushie

If you need to cool off on a scorching day, give this delicious slushie a try. Begin by adding two cups of prosecco and two cups of frozen strawberries (or mixed berries, if preferred) to your blender. Add a quarter cup of lime juice, plus half a cup of vodka.

Finally, blend all these delicious ingredients before serving the finished product to your delighted guests. Add a lime wedge as a garnish, if desired.

4. Iced Coffee Cocktail

When you crave caffeine even more than alcohol, the natural solution is Irish cream liqueur. While this winter go-to is typically paired with a hot cup of coffee, it can also be enjoyed during the summer.

Begin by brewing your favorite coffee and allowing it to cool. Fill a glass mug with ice and add two ounces of Bailey's or another favorite Irish cream liqueur. Add at least six ounces of the previously cooled coffee. Be sure to leave room for whipped cream and chocolate drizzle, which you can add at your discretion.

5. Bell Pepper Cocktail

When you imagine a quintessential summer cocktail, you probably think of something fruity or sweet. However, if you're in the mood for something savory, any drink made with bell pepper is sure to satisfy. This recipe is even better if you can harvest the pepper directly from your garden.

No matter where you find the pepper for this drink, it will need to be deseeded and chopped. From there, you can muddle one-quarter of the pepper. Feel free to add several fresh basil leaves. By the time you're finished muddling, there should be no crunch left in the pepper.

Now, add two ounces of gin and a teaspoon of simple syrup to your cocktail shaker, along with ice. Shake before straining into your favorite cocktail glass. Extra slices of pepper act as a wonderful garnish.

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